Sick of Love explores erotic love and the evocative power of the material

SICK OF LOVE Research and Development for Incubate and Work-in-Progress Performances for Suspense FestivalLittle Angel Theatre Autumn 2009

So it is a lover who speaks and says: …….. what echoes in me is what I learn with my body.
Roland Barthes A Lover’s Discourse

SICK OF LOVE explores erotic love and the evocative power of the material via live animation of objects, text and flesh, extending Furse’s ongoing research into the body-in-performance.

SICK OF LOVE is performed with the full presence of the animators in view. Sat around a huge bed, the audience become intimately close to the action, choosing their own ‘close-ups’. The work-in-progress is the first Etude on presence to come from the Laboratory, this one specifically exploring how the performer can channel the spectator’s attention to materiality and to the unfolding actions and images created. The performer is, like the puppeteer, saying ‘look at this’ not ‘look at me’, a way of playing that requires detailed focus and highly controlled physicality.

Photo credits Jonathan May

Direction/Scenography: Anna Furse
Laboratory Performers: André Amálio, Tereza Havlickova, Alex Crowe, Dafne Louzioti, Vanio Papadelli, Borja Sagasti, Bruno Humberto
Sound Composition: James Bulley
Lighting: Mischa Twitchin

SICK OF LOVE launches the Athletes Laboratory – an ongoing research laboratory based in the Pinter Centre for Performance and Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, working with a group of graduates from the MA in Performance Making that Anna Furse directs.