From cyber space to theatre space

ANNA FURSE Athletes of the Heart (UK)
in co-production with
Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

This international company worked in a private ‘cyber studio’ for 18 months. Confessions of darkest dreams and desires then gave rise to a haunting work that pulsates with passionate physicality, bittersweet irony, 1000 feather pillows, a drag king and a man who cries at too much beauty. DON JUAN.WHO? is about men and women and why we still fight. It’s about seduction, love, sex, power, and the Man who never stays for breakfast. With over sixty million three hundred thousand web hits in his name, how come Don Juan still grips us?

directed by Anna Furse

with Damjana Černe, Željko Hrs, Mare Mlačnik, Tanya Myers, Matej Recer, Giovanna Rogante, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

A poetic, complex, simple, intelligently directed performance, bounding in eroticism and desire… Don Juan. Who? is a unique piece.
Marjana Ravnjak TV SLOVENIA 

Complex, complicated, and totally simple at the same time…very sincere, full of passion and love…fascinating….More performances of this kind! 
Amelia Kraigher VECER, Slovenia 

An unusual, provocative performance that both avoids and employs cliches.
Gregor Butala DNEVNIK, Slovenia 

The performance is even more provocative when it ventures into existential, erotic, sexual extremes….a kind of melancholic aura..a kind of transcendental dimension..reaches beyond the known, the verified and the expected.
Blaz Lukan DELO, Slovenia 

Following sell-out performances at Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana and previews at the Shunt Vaults, the production performed at Riverside Studios for as part of FeEastFestival 2008.

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Honorary Patron: Elaine Showalter

As libertine, seducer, and seditionist, Don Juan has always been a leading man in our legends of love and infidelity. Anna Furse updates the myth in a daring 21st-century addition to the theatre of Don Juan.
Elaine Showalter, Professor Emerita of English, Princeton University