Athletes of the Heart was founded by Anna Furse in 2003

Following 10 years of work on and in the medical environment (The Art of A.R.T), Anna Furse Athletes of the Heart has worked in a range of productions including commissions from the Little Angel Theatre, BBC Radio, CREATE Ireland and the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, co-productions in Belgrade with Dah Teatar and Ljubljana with Mladinsko Gledalisce, Festival premieres at Live Collision Festival and FEeAST, international workshops including Athens, Palermo, Beijing and Ireland, residencies in Delhi, Athens and Bogota and a range of talks, special events and mentoring.  Her current production Anna Furse Performs An Anatomy Act is a CAPP EU Commission and is to be followed by a further commission to produce a digital artwork I Am Not a Piece of Meat in 2018 that will capture the production archive and extend the research scope in innovative, interactive design. I am Not a Piece of Meat is being devised in collaboration with The Anatomy Act collaborators Dave Darcy (graphics) and Kilian Waters (film) and will be published in 2018.

Devoted to transgressing artistic, cultural and geographical boundaries, the company collaborates and co-produces internationally. Each project responds to the specific conditions in which it is being produced – seeking opportunities to connect a process to a production over time – evolving a dramaturgy through physical training and research, focusing on the raw presence of the performer and an essential, poetic and vibrant scenography. The company has created works for hospitals, science centres, art centres and theatres and has used cyber space innovatively for international collaboration.

Artistic Director:
Anna Furse

Athletes of the Heart 
9 Flaxman Road
SE5 9Dl

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Lynnette Moran | Live Collision

Associate Artists: Zeljko Hrs, Mischa Twitchin and Sally Jacobs.

Board of Directors: Paula Van Hagen, Rosamunde Hutt, Dawn Kemp, Patrick Moorsom

Athletes of the Heart Laboratory is a research company comprising international graduates from the MA in Performance Making that Anna Furse directs at Goldsmiths.

Athletes of the Heart is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England.
Registration number: 4754656
Registered Offices: Marks and Co
100 Church Street, Brighton. East Sussex BN11UJ

“ The actor is a heart athlete”
— Antonin Artaud