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‘These are just a couple of the things that An Anatomy Act touches on during its sensual tour of the history of human anatomy. It heroically resists being about just one thing, or even two. It is a kind of delicious, macabre, visual, auditory, tactile, anatomical and political meditation on mortality and meaning that outlines an ideabody deftly by touching it lightly just here and there. But, trust me, it is also more.’


‘probing and intelligent, and the intimacy of the experience
creates a dreamy spell that gets under your skin’

Lyn Gardner The Guardian / GLASS BODY

‘such honest, searching writing
and inventive, insistent sound’

The Guardian / MY GLASS BODY

‘a haunting mix of modern medical sounds with
poignant, poetical and deeply personal language’

Radio Times / MY GLASS BODY

‘A poetic, complex, simple, intelligently directed performance, bounding in eroticism and desire… Don Juan. Who? is a unique piece.’

Marjana Ravnjak TV Slovenia / DON JUAN. WHO?

‘this intertextual production possess an otherworldy quality…
a real strength is the exploration of the metaphysical’

Total Theatre / SEAWOMAN

‘I am awe-struck by this epic – the erudition, research, arcane bits … the digital design is amazing, brilliant’

Yvonne Rainer / I AM NOT A PIECE OF MEAT

‘It was an extraordinary thing. Quite electric…You made us look at the fragile beauty of the human form, of life itself. And the equally fragile beauty of the human heart… I’m a journalist by trade and have seen quite a lot of war in my life. It has had a profound effect on me.  I think I thought that theatre couldn’t measure up to the emotional impact of the real thing. But your production chimed with something in my own heart I think.’

Alan Little / SHOCKS

‘an artful critique of the Pharma Industry, of Colonisation, a pean to lost love, of tears, fertility and the mirror of the Medusa. This is a book to be cherished: I would place it on my shelves alongside Paul Klee’s Pedagogical Sketchbook’


‘Touching, fluent, amusing in part and incredibly honest about the painful medical intrusions and its psychological repercussions’

Carole Woddis, Theatre critic / TO THE MOON AND BACK